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Our Commitment

It is to carry out a human resources administration process, through which the people who are linked to ELITE STAFFING, will go through a process of recruitment, positioning and everything related to the relationship between the company and the worker.

That instead of being developed within the company, this will be carried out by ELITE STAFFING, evaluating areas and projects for which the staff is required.

Provide specialized personnel to the organization for maximum productivity.

Recruitment, selection, background check and training of employees.

Follow up with the person hired to resolve any inconvenience and ensure their permanence at work.

Promote the growth of the organization, guaranteeing high-quality personnel and solving situations that may arise through development strategies.

These are the benefits that staff linked to ELITE 1 STAFFING have!

Our Commitment


Work Guarantee

ELITE 1 STAFFING, recognizes that everyone has the right to a decent and socially useful job.

We believe that job stability generates confidence in our workers, which is why we offer a 6-month to 1-year job guarantee, within a contract that specifies the duties and rights of the worker


Financial Well-being

We have weekly payment plans for our workers

This payment will be made at the end of the working week. The day the money will be deposited can vary between Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The day the money will be deposited can vary between Friday, Saturday or Sunday.



The training offered by ELITE 1 STAFFING is a form of education, through which knowledge, abilities and skills that are necessary to achieve the effectiveness and personal growth of our workers are acquired.

We provide training in:
⦁ Financial education
⦁ Security and health at work
⦁ Work environment based on respect and non-discrimination.
Among others, depending on the work activity.



We provide an effective solution in housing, we take care of providing a temporary, comfortable and economical installation for our workers.



We offer a car rental program to our workers, in order to save time and money.

This program has the advantage of sharing the car, on periodic trips and on specific trips, thus reducing fuel costs and counting on the benefit of traveling with someone.


Medical Plan

Health is first!
We offer a coverage plan for medical expenses that provides financial security against medical care expenses in the event of an unforeseen event, such as an accident or illness, always seeking the well-being of our workers.


Accompaniment and Orientation:

In our company we want workers to always feel accompanied, from the incorporation process, during and after it.

We follow a protocol of labor accompaniment that includes:
⦁ ⦁ Communication between the parties, when they need it and about any questions that may arise.
⦁ Follow-up to the work project.
⦁ Opportunities for improvement and personal growth.

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