About Us


ELITE STAFFING, has an experience of more than 35 years in offering job opportunities to temporary staff, providing solutions to our associates with:
⦁ Customer service
⦁ Experienced and reliable staff.
⦁ Performance guarantee Employer responsibility.
⦁ Employer responsibility.
We provide personnel of the highest quality and experience in different tasks, we work with the best disposition, always dynamic for a productive development with our clients, associates and team members.


To become the preferred Staffing of our clients where we provide the most convenient work solutions, with a growth approach, highly productive and fully human.

Always working to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our staff and to be an example of a company with a human sense.


Our mission is to create job opportunity connections that allow our clients, associates and team members to grow and develop dynamically by connecting technology and human talent.


Our Values ​​are:
⦁ Honesty
⦁ Service
⦁ Quality
⦁ Responsability

Executive Team

Dennis Rivera

Mr. Mr. Rivera directs all administrative and operational interests. He has over 20 years of business management experience and excellent customer service. His exceptional talent for optimizing technical and human resources has contributed directly to the success of our company. He brings experience and professionalism to our company.

Patricia Betancourt

Ms. Betancourt manages the strategies, business operations and financial performance of ELITE STAFFING He also leads the expansion of the company through his leadership and business experience of more than 20 years.

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